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Mobile & Text Message Marketing

Mobile or Text Message Marketing is the process of using text messaging to promote a business or service. It is a very powerful marketing tool but is rarely used by local businesses.

Most small businesses either think it is too expensive, not effective or too difficult to implement. If you continue reading this page you will see that none of this is further from the truth. Text message marketing can allow you to make much more money while spending less.

How does it work?

We will give your business a “keyword” and a “shortcode” and you will advertise these to your customers. For example, you can post a sign in your store saying “Text MyStoreName to 24266 for news and exclusive discounts!”

As people begin to text your keyword to your shortcode, you will build a list of people who want to hear about information and special offers from your business. You then use this list to broadcast messages about whatever it is that you are trying to promote. For example:

“2 for 1 deals on jeans this sat w/ this txt msg.”
“$10 off your order w/ this txt msg. today only until 10pm.”
“battle of the bands this friday. free cover with this txt msg!”
“10% off pedicures w/ this text msg, next week only!”
“Come this weekend for our winter clothing blowout sale!”

When you send the message, your audience gets it immediately. In fact at least 97% of them are going to read it within an hour! Let’s look at some statistics:

  • 186 million Text Messages are sent every single DAY- just in Canada! (3.5 Billion in the USA!)
  • Open rates for Text Messages are at 97% (as opposed to 3% – 20% for email marketing campaigns)
  • 83% of Text Messages are opened and read within the first 15 minutes!
  • Redemption rates for mobile coupons are 15-20% (this is on a bad day!)
  • Text messaging is hugely popular and almost everyone has a cell phone. Really… who doesn’t have one these days?
  • Most people are no more than 2 feet away from their cell phones 24/7… Even when sleeping!
  • Text Messaging campaigns are proven to work! More than $30 million dollars was raised for Haiti via text messaging alone!
Who can use text message marketing?

While text message marketing can help virtually any business, we have seen the best results for the following types of businesses:

Imagine if your restaurant is having a slow day and you needed to get some people in the door right away. Send out a text message to your list offering a free appetizer and watch as people begin to arrive and your tables begin to fill up like magic.

Have a special event or band that you want to promote? Send a message to your list and get more people walking through your doors.

Retail Stores
Need to clear out your winter clothing merchandise to make room for new stock? Announce your weekend sale to your list and watch the clothes fly off the shelves!

If you are a salon owner and notice that your appointment book is a little thin in the upcoming weeks, send out a text coupon to your list and get ready for the phone to start ringing!

Let us help you get started today…

We can set you up with a keyword and shortode, help build your list using various opt-in strategies and help you manage your text messaging promotions.

We support all major Canadian carriers: Bell, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus and Virgin Mobile

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