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How we can help rapidly grow your small business

Not obtaining high visibility on the internet is the single biggest mistake most small businesses make! Statistics show that over 80% of consumers are going online to search for local products and services. These stats are from a report done in 2008 by The Kelsey Group and Constat Inc. This number is even higher now! In fact, even as far back as 2008, more people were using the internet than the YellowPages to find local products and services.

It’s no longer good enough to just be listed in the phone book and local newspapers. Within the next 10 years phone books may very well be non-existent. Internet search engines, whether viewed through a computer or on a mobile phone are fast becoming the norm for people to find phone numbers, local businesses and all their local shopping needs.

    No Long Term Commitments

    Only Results!

    We do not require any long term commitments or contracts and we work with our clients on a month to month basis.

    We’ll go above and beyond expectations to make sure that you are extremely satisfied with our services and that you are getting a very high return on your investment with us.

We can develop an internet marketing plan for your business will deliver you more phone calls, more customers and ultimately more profits. Our internet marketing and local SEO services will ensure that when someone is searching the internet in your local area for the product or service you provide, that they find your business.

We’re not talking about only getting your business listed somewhere on page one for your targeted search results. We’re talking multiple listings at the top. We are often able to achieve over 50% page one saturation for our clients, and in some cases we literally take over the entire first page. This gives your business major exposure and bumps your competitors completely off the first page leaving potential customers with nowhere else to turn but to you!

Note: Because of how we dominate Google for our clients, we are only able to offer our services to one client in a particular market and locale. If you choose to work with us, you will get our exclusivity in your local market. This means for one particular city or area we only work with one dentist, one plumber, one lawyer, one chiropractor, one roofer, etc.

Our Methods

Below you will find some of our strategies for using Local SEO to get highly targeted leads to your business.

Google Places

When searching for a local business or service on Google, there is a listing at the top called Google Places. Having your business listed at the top of these results is key, but an often overlooked fact is the optimization of your actual Google Places page. Adding appropriate information about your business along with video, photos and customer reviews is extremely important. When a potential customer is searching for a local business do you think they will choose the business who only has a phone number and address or the business with detailed information, photos, videos and glowing customer reviews? We can not only get your business listed at the top of Google Places but we can get you more phone calls and leads by optimizing your Places page.

Bing Business Portal

Yahoo & Bing have recently joined forces and launched Bing Business Portal. Similar to Google Places, Bing Business Portal lists local businesses at the top of related search results for Bing and Yahoo. While most marketers are focusing solely on Google, many overlook the fact that Bing Business Portal now has a 30% market share and can also deliver a huge amount of highly targeted traffic to small businesses.

Organic Search Results

Organic or natural search results are the most powerful tool to get traffic to your business. These results appear below sponsored listings and are the most viewed and most clicked on results. The top three results in Google account for over 70% of click throughs so it is essential to get your business to the top of your targeted search terms.

YouTube Videos

Oftentimes Google will show links to YouTube videos among organic search results. These videos can be very powerful because they have a thumbnail graphic beside them which makes them stand out from the surrounding search results. We can create web commercials and customer testimonial videos for you that will rank high for your targeted search results. Many potential customers respond better to video and the videos we create will be designed in a way to get a potential customer to phone you right then and there.

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